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VRG's repair centre is equipped with the latest in accident repair technology and services that include:

  • Computerised Geometry Equipment
  • Vehicle Body Alignment Jigs
  • Air Conditioning Re-charges
  • Low Bake Ovens
  • Water based paint systems
  • Symach Robodry - paint drying system
  • Wheel Refurbishment - system to match nearly all colours of alloy wheels
  • Light Commercial Accident repairs
  • Plastic & Smart Repairs
  • Infrared Drying System
  • Valeting Service

  • Continual investment in technology and training ensures that all repairs are carried out to todays standards.

    VRG are dedicated to using the latest paints as well as technology to make sure that we are giving the customer the highest level of service in terms of price, quality and effeiciency. One of the ways we have done this is by having a Symach drying system put in place to help reduce paint drying time this in turn helps to reduce the overall costs to the customer.


    The Symach system has been developed to lower time that a vehicle is needed in the spray booth, an example of this is that an average sized job can be painted and dried within 20-30 minutes. If the repair had been in a spray booth without a Symach machine fitted the repair time would be around 1 and a half hours. Fleets of vehicles will especially feel the benefit as time taken off the road is reduced and costs are lowered as replacement vehicles needed for less days and downtime on that vehicle is reduced.

    The advantages to the customer are:

  • Less time needed to repair your vehicle.
  • Less hassle and time without your vehicle.
  • Great for passenger and commercial fleet with quicker job turnaround.
  • More economical and efficient as only the painted panels are dried.

  • We are here to help, please feel free to contact us to see how we can help provide the repair service you require.

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