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What to do when you have a vehicle accident?

Being involved in a car accident (even a minor scrape) is an unnerving experience. However, dealing with the consequences, and getting your car repaired properly can be an even bigger headache.

We are here to help and provide all the services to get you back on the road as quick and as safely as possible.

Things to remember

Check that you, your passengers and those in other accident vehicles are not injured. If there are injuries call an Ambulance.

Turn off the ignitions of all vehicles as a fire precaution. If there is a fire, call the Fire Brigade and Police.

Call the police if there are any injuries, or there is major damage and the vehicles are undriveable.

If vehicles are driveable, park in a safe location to exchange details. If not, activate warning lights (if workable) and wait in a safe place until police arrive.

Complete Accident Details Report, Other Driverís Details and Insurance Request Form and provide a copy to your insurer.

We are here to help, please feel free to contact us to see how we can help provide the repair service you require.

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